Positive Feedback on TriSystem EDGE

Well, things even happen when you take the initial dosage!  Most people will not experience anything at all from just one tablet.  Some experienced benefits from one before and one after exercise and most everyone felt the larger dosages.  I’ve been taking this stuff in various quantities and formulations for over 2 years now, so a packet (3 tabs) before and a packet after works great for me.  Less than that and I feel like I’m not getting enough; more than that I feel is “overkill.”  Of course, I’m 100% sold on my own product.  I developed this from scratch and years of research and experimentation.  Here are what some of the other test subjects are saying:

  • Increased energy, a better workout
  • It made me feel strong during my workout.
  • Quicker recovery from exercise
  • I didn’t notice any big difference from my usual energy level, but I didn’t have much recovery time after the workout, which is a little unusual, specifically because I am usually sore the next day and wasn’t this time.
  • OMG! Jeff’s magic little pill; felt much stronger, walked out of the gym tonight more energized and not like I had been run over by a truck!
  • I felt a lot stronger today, if that’s possible.
  • Seemed to have the inner strength to do workout. Felt less drained, more energized.
  • “I just feel so healthy… Your knowledge is a blessing.  Saved my life as far as I know.”

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Most people know what the term antioxidant means. Edge is full of a combination of hand-picked antioxidants known for their cancer fighting and recovery abilities.   That’s why they are in there – to maximize the effects of eating healthy and exercise.

But there are other wonderful benefits to this combination of botanicals.

TriSystem EDGE has ingredients that are proven anti-aging agents directly related to skin and hair!

  • Prevents loose skin and wrinkles!

  • Keeps hair strong and prevents hair loss!

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