For the last 25 years, Jeff Kotterman has been helping people reach their personal best.  Athletes of all levels have seen personal break-throughs using nutrient timing and nutrient combinations to bring peak performance for specific events.  The difference between first and last place could be fractions of a second in some sports.  From world champions to cover models, Jeff has worked with the full spectrum of athletes. A great example of the way EDGE works is in one Olympic alternate from the 1970’s. Lee Mench was always competitive, but never first place among the top swimmers in his age group.  So much so that he was considered for the Olympics in his prime.  Ranking as an alternate, he never got to compete there but, still swam on a masters level, nationally, for decades.

Lee Mench, Workd Record BreakerLee Mench Gold MedalAfter thirty years of consistent competition and training, Lee came to Jeff Kotterman, Founder of TriSystem EDGE to get an EDGE on his next competition.  He did!  Using the combination of nutrients found in TriSystem EDGE, Lee finally beat his long time competitors,  beat his personal best and broke not one, but two world records!  There is just another testimony to the fact that this product has a synergistic effect!

Lee Mench broke TWO World Records while using  TriSystem sports nutrition counseling. As a “thank you,” he gave his medal to TriSystem!

Lee Mench Breaks World Record